Interior design

Our philosophy is to create customized, unique ascetic design solutions

3D visualisations

We will bring your plans and ideas to life with the help of 3D modelling


Our professional advice could save you time and money in the long run

Interior design

We offer residential and commercial interior design services in Ireland and also abroad.

  • Inventory of spaces, functional conceptual design and lighting planning
  • Virtual 3D imagery (3D renderings, visualisations) and moodboards
  • Custom cabinetry design, detailing and graphic design dedicated for interiors
  • Interior styling and home-staging
  • Design consultancy services including selection of finishing materials, furniture, lighting and
  • Personal shopping service

Conceptual project

Layout + Moodboard + Visualizations + Materials Suggestions + Colour Scheme

This option contains an analysis of your existing space (based on architectural plans
or inventory). The development of the planned space with the layout arrangements of
individual rooms (plans, furniture locations, wall partitions, kitchen layouts, bathroom
layouts etc).

It will also contain style proposals, colours, materials and the principles to guide the
further shaping of the space. It is created in close co-operation with the investor taking
into account their individual needs and preferences.
It is delivered in the form of drawings (plans) and computer visualisations.

Comprehensive project

Layout + Moodboard + Visualizations + Detailed Technical Drawings + Detailed
Materials Suggestions + Colour Scheme

This option consists of a conceptual project supplemented with instructions for
contractors and detailed technical assignment of the interior project.

  • Technical documentation for contractors included custom made cabinetry
  • Lighting and ceiling design
  • Elevations
  • Drawings of selected details
  • Location of exit points for electrical installations, water and sewerage
  • Detailed list of proposed materials included their name, brand, type, price, and possible place of